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A Non-Traditional Private School 

Echelon Academy is the only boutique private

K-12 school in the Washington DC area to provide individualized and diverse learning in a non-traditional program.

Small Group Instruction

Small group instruction is effective because the teaching is focused on the needs of the students, enabling more efficient academic growth. In smaller groups, students have more chances to participate and feel more comfortable doing so. Teachers are able to monitor students better and to provide immediate feedback. The amount of time for instructional engagement increases and students benefit from the connectedness they feel with their teachers, providing greater opportunities for conversation and interaction among teachers and students.

Diverse Learning and Instruction

Diverse instruction addresses the varying needs of its diverse learners through an individualized modality. This method of teaching is based upon the abilities, learning needs, and preferences of each learner in order to calibrate the content and pace of instructional delivery to each individual. Learning strategies are based on student readiness and best practices.

Non-Traditional Learning

White walls, tile floors, endless hallways, and an abundance of unfamiliar students and staff are all easily found in traditional school settings. Echelon intentionally veers away from the sterility found in most other school options by offering an inviting environment, a small staff, and a small student body. Students know everyone they see when they enter Echelon, and they are greeted by the singing of our birds, and the babbles of our waterfall. Colored walls and carpeted floors provide the backdrop for a comfort level that enhances emotional safety and optimizes learning outcomes.

A Hands-On Minds-On Approach to Learning

Active learning stimulates the brain both physically and mentally and eliminates passive learning altogether. When children are physically engaged as well as mentally engaged, they are activating different parts of the brain. Learning and doing work in concert to gel academic concepts. We believe that learning can be fun, while also being efficient. Our monthly field trips carry this one step further by making learning more memorable and providing opportunities to collaborate with peers, make connections, and explore new environments.



Welcome back to school! Echelon is proud to offer safe, in-person education or a blended combination. 

A Private School With A Difference

At Echelon Academy in Montgomery County, Maryland, we believe that students achieve their ideal learning when they are fully engaged in the process. We focus on providing individualized learning opportunities for all students, working together to help our students succeed. 

We are the only private school in Maryland, with a focus on integrating foreign language learning into our curriculum. Students and parents start by choosing Mandarin, Spanish, or English as their foreign language preference. Their course of study is tailored to their needs from elementary school and middle school to our private high school classrooms.

Not only does learning another language prepare our children in their future careers, but learning a second language is linked to improved results in brain development and academic performance throughout life.

Students at our K-12 school are encouraged to develop lifelong learning strategies through small-group instruction. They enjoy experiential learning opportunities to practice what they learn in a meaningful, applicable way. We include activities and subject matter to maximize the use of Multiple Intelligence Theory and to help our students discover their natural gifts and talents.

Throughout all levels, including elementary, middle, and high school, parents are encouraged to partner with our staff to become part of a collaborative team in supporting all aspects of student growth and development.

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