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Our mission is to provide students with a supportive and challenging environment that is responsive to all learning styles, emphasizes learning through the arts, promotes creative and critical thinking and integrates foreign language throughout the curriculum.

Our Mission

Echelon Academy

Offers a positive and encouraging learning community where achievement happens more efficiently than larger schools, and with ease, as teachers and students work cooperatively, heading in the same direction, traveling on the thrust of one another, standing by one another, and honking in encouragement.

Why Echelon was started

To provide private, quality education to elementary, middle, and high school students (grades K-12) who succeed in a small, non-traditional school setting that caters learning to each individual student.

Esh'e lan

A squadron V formation which allows geese to conserve energy by using the uplift of air from the goose in front of it. By flying in a V formation the whole flock adds at least 71% greater flying range than if each bird flew on its own. This formation allows each bird to have an unobstructed field of vision, allowing flock members to see each other and communicate while in flight. The geese take turns leading; there isn't one designated leader. As one bird tires, it drops to the back of the formation and another takes its place.

Why Echelon?

The Future of Education

School Your Way

Your Choice of: Full-Time In-Person or a Blended Combination.

Echelon takes a proactive approach in our educational model. Echelon provides families the choice of Full-Time In-Person or a blended combination of online instruction. We understand the increased need for flexibility when it comes to your student’s method of learning. Whether your student traveling on vacation, or schools are unable to be open due to any circumstance, Echelon has the plan to make sure that your student’s education is uninterrupted. We are prepared for anything. Students will also have the opportunity to attend virtual office hours for additional support. Echelon works collaboratively with each family in order to ensure an accessible and successful plan for every student. 

Virtual Learning

Echelon Academy

  • encourages students to unlock their greatest potential for achievement through small group instruction.

  • employs the Theory of Multiple Intelligences to reach all students in their own capacity (Musical Intelligence. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence, Linguistic Intelligence, Intrapersonal Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Spatial Intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, Natural Intelligence).

  • strengthens environmental education, communication, collaboration and multi-disciplinary work.

  • engages students to become globally educated persons who take ownership for their own learning.

  • brings out the leader in every student.

Echelon Academy encourages authentic, real world learning

  • Arts Integrated Classes.

  • Fair Admissions screening which considers the whole child, beyond test scores.

  • Individualized Student Instruction.

  • Social Etiquette Development.

  • Hands-On Field Experiences that encourage real-life competencies

  • Flexible Grouping of students according to skill levels.

Our school provides top-quality education in an emotionally safe atmosphere, building on strengths and attending to needs. Collaborative efforts of parents, teachers, and administration yield the most effective educational plans for all students.

Capturing enthusiasm is essential for improving the quality of our students' education. The overall size of our academy is kept small to build a strong sense of community and to ensure close and caring relationships among all students and staff. Small schools create more opportunities for participation. School size is a critical factor in determining educational outcomes. Research links small school size with higher levels of achievement.

ECHELON's teaching staff is composed of top educators who are highly motivated and caring professionals. We implement "best practice" teaching methods including instructional accommodations and curriculum adaptations, so that no student is held back. All teachers have extensive training in subject content and instructional methods that allow students to fully access rich and challenging academic material. Teachers create lesson plans that are properly paced to ensure that essential curriculum is covered; develop materials that support the instructional program as well as recognize different learning modalities of students, maintain classroom discipline; and ensure a classroom environment that is conducive to learning.

Meet our Director 

Kelly Mazzeo and Pepper

Kelly Mazzeo has been dedicated to education for over thirty years. Throughout her career she has taught in the DC Metropolitan Area including Maryland and Virginia, from preschool to high school. She has been a special education department chairperson, staff development instructor, and parent educator. Kelly works privately as a staff development consultant to schools and has been an advocate for students for many years.

For more than twenty years, she has provided community-based workshops to families. In 1988 she was selected as an Outstanding Woman of America. In 2000 she received 1st place in the national teaching for excellence competition, and in 2016, she was the recipient of the International ATHENA Award for her extraordinary dedication of self and generosity, professional excellence, community service, and the mentoring of youth. At the age of 13, she was a peer tutor for students with disabilities and at the age of 14 she volunteered in a special education school. Throughout high school, Kelly enjoyed taking French classes to progress her global and cultural awareness. She created and served as director of Columbia Association's Camp Discovery for children ages 12-14 in 1988 and 1989. Currently, Kelly is the Director and Founder of Echelon Academy, a private school for the world’s future leaders and the only K-12 academy in the Washington DC area to provide excellent, diverse learning with an emphasis of the integration of foreign language. In addition, she takes pride being on the Board of Directors for The Brooke Grove Foundation. She is a professor in both the Department of Education and the Department of English and Reading at Montgomery College. She teaches about public speaking, argumentative writing, English language, US Government, Civic Engagement, arts integration, reading, and educational foundations as well as judging national speech and debate tournaments. Kelly uses public speaking and debate as a vehicle to help her students refine their writing, researching and public speaking skills. Many of her

students have gone on to debate with their high school and collegiate teams in Public Forum, where they have seen success in a variety of regional and national tournaments. Her international students have had great success in bid tournaments, advancing to the Tournament of Champions (TOC) in Shanghai. Kelly is the Executive Director and Founder of The Echelon Debate Camp, where she oversees curriculum development and implementation. In addition, she is the acting faculty advisor for the Speech and Debate Club at Montgomery College. Her unwavering dedication to global engagement has led Kelly to host exchange students from all over the world including Italy, Spain, Brazil, France, China, Argentina, Vietnam, Germany, and Belgium. She is also a Summer Instructor at the Mid-Atlantic Catholic Schools Consortium Summer Institute, where she teaches reading and writing courses to non-public teachers for state certification/recertification. Through years of experience she has developed a network where she connects students with industry leaders in the fields of politics, sustainable development, environmental protection, health sciences, and law. Kelly is a frequent speaker at regional and national conventions oriented towards parenting, education and creative classroom approaches. In addition to serving as a member on several local boards of directors, she has been a presenter for The Maryland Council for Exceptional Children Literacy for Success Convention, Early Childhood Education and Career Fair at Montgomery College, Maryland Council for Exceptional Children Convention and MANSEF to list a few. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary/secondary education from Radford University, and a Master of Arts in education from The George Washington University.

Kelly Mazzeo, Director and Founder

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Meet Our Director
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