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Brady Aaron Program Application

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To address the academic needs of children with learning differences, ECHELON ACADEMY provides instruction for children who have been diagnosed with one or several of the following learning disabilities: dyslexia, language disorders, academic skills disorders, attention disorders, processing deficits, executive function disorder, and high functioning autism. The Brady Aaron program delivers individualized instruction through a low teacher to student ratio. The small nature of our classes engages students and enables instruction to be delivered at the appropriate academic levels. Related services are made available as needed for additional fees.

Welcome to the Brady Aaron Program!

Every child needs a place to flourish, feel self-satisfied about accomplishment, and welcome challenges. Every parent can be assured and place trust in Echelon Academy. Echelon is that place for children who have tried traditional schooling, but either hasn't experienced success or feels neglected by a school or system that cannot adequately provide the resources for a student who learns differently from a stream-lined approach.

As a special educator over the last twenty five years, I have seen unnecessary struggles and a lot of untapped student intelligence in education. I have also had the opportunity to work with some of the best teachers that education has to offer. The approach at Echelon Academy utilizes those successful research-based strategies that have historical success and continually infuses innovative new teaching methodologies catered to fit each individual at our school.

This approach has been successful for me in a personal way. In third grade I saw my son begin to lose self-esteem and along with it, critical educational skills. We know that self-esteem never leaves alone; it always takes casualties. My first intervention was to meet with the teachers and discuss changes in my son's classroom experience, but after several meetings, I realized that I couldn't make the situation become what I desired for my son: a smiling and dedicated teacher, teacher ownership for his learning, educational gains in each subject area, individualized instruction/learning. My second intervention was to provide all of those desired attributes myself and I made the decision to home school my son.

Echelon Academy is predicated upon a modified home school ideal where students' interests can drive the curriculum, flexible scheduling allows for interdisciplinary instruction, hands-on experiences such as field trips make learning real, varied instructional settings tap into all learning styles, multi-modal teaching reaches every individual, arts integration refines communication while promoting higher order thinking skills in a motivational way, and the notion that our educational path may surprise us at any given moment.

I have learned so much about my son in a journey such as this and Echelon looks forward to discovering all that your child has to offer as he/she realizes full educational potential with self-esteem intact. Our school model is based upon the same values as the geese who fly in the V formation, known as an echelon, providing students with an encouraging environment and utilizing the strengths of all. Leadership constantly shifts allowing each bird to soar in the front and maintaining a V while flying in the air to fly more efficiently and keep communication accessible while in flight.

Honk if you look forward to seeing a smile on your child's face at the end of the school day!

- Kelly Mazzeo, Echelon Academy Director

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